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IITO conducts any identification of users or records of orders only after full informing and after confirmation of consent from the user.

the action may require additional consent from the user if the operation was requested using a different device than this specification

please , check your device to prevent username fraud.


user IITO account name rules:

"1" birthday number

(for example 01/27/1977: "27" applies)

"2" your email characters before the "@" symbol (e.g. alias@domain com: "alias" applies)

So: account name will be: "27alias".

required :

specify your user

account name(the rules above)

in window "Your name..."

to confirm that

request is not from a bot

then push : Request to join...

Your conversation can be recorded for quality control!
..and after you see "The meeting has ended", confirmation is completed

PLEASE, "GET oblig@tions..."

Nothing herein constitutes an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, any securities or tokens.

Read more in IITO Terms&Service

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